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The Blitz Group; A company bio…

Blitz have grown considerably since their inception in 2007 as a standalone firework display company providing breathtaking traditional and world class pyromusicals for the enjoyment of the great British public to a versatile and energetic company with several different entities now encompassed under one umbrella.

Blitz originated from the company director wanting a meaningful hobby and interest outside of his high pressured job as the head of a property development company and thus Blitz Fireworks Ltd was formed.  Blitz has since grown to host a total of six companies and they retain the same ethos of continually re-investing into the company, it’s equipment and the training of it’s valued staff members.  This ensures that the same enthusiasm is shared by all as we strive to provide the best entertainment and good old fashioned value for money, this is a value that is lost on the larger corporations of some national companies and international suppliers.

Blitz Fireworks Ltd are a sole supplier to some of the UK’s most spectacular stately homes, a measure of trust that we do not take lightly as we are proud to have been entrusted to entertain their clients for over 10 years with beautifully choreographed wedding firework displays and breathtaking pyromusicals to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and retirements to name but a few.

Our Festive Lighting division has grown very well over the last five years.  From an initial request to design, supply, install, maintain, take-down and store the towns considerable festive lighting scheme we now do the same for several towns and villages across Cheshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Merseyside.  We are continuing to explore further opportunities to grow in this sector as we seek to enhance the groups potential to provide these services to a wider audience.  Villages are an important part of all communities and we supply small unique schemes for villages  to ensure that a good festive atmosphere can be enjoyed by the smallest pockets of communities in the North West.

Our first retail shop opened in 2007 and was a great success to the point that we completely outgrew the property and subsequently made a considerable investment into a new store that encompasses the finest retail fireworks, many designed and imported by ourselves and sold to the general public.  We are licensed to sell fireworks all year round 365 days of the year.  We have expanded our store and now sell fancy dress for all occasions as well as the biggest and most versatile range of public fireworks, however more was needed to support what is to some degree a seasonal business.

Blitz invested into the world of helium and air filled balloons and so an area of the new store was constructed and designed specifically for the modelling and sale of helium balloons, we searched for and employed the finest balloon artists and sculptures, this side of the business is growing very quickly and is a resounding success and will certainly continue to grow and flourish under the guidance of our talented employees.

Blitz Event Solutions forming was a simple case of financial economics, as we grew and began to organise our own events so did the need for event equipment.  We got to a stage where it just made sense to procure our own  equipment with the belief that if we continued to grow it would pay for itself and ultimately provide Blitz with the ability to provide this equipment to other events in the North West.  A decision that was one of the best we made as we were able to react to clients needs on a much quicker scale and at a financial rate that they could afford.

We cannot own or supply this diverse world with all it’s variety of requirements but on our business development journey we have worked with many companies and those on our website that we mention as partners or associates are also our friends.  They were chosen for their can do attitude and superb knowledge in their chosen industry as well as delivering the kind of service that reflects our own customer and client focused ethos here at Blitz..

In summary this business model has provided a great learning curve but it is one that has served us well to date but rest assured we will not stop there as we seek to consolidate in an extremely tough and unpredictable market place.

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