Displays @ Crewe Hall

Displays @ Crewe Hall

Displays @ Crewe hall and packages available starting with the Hatton Display.

The Hatton Display – £1,095 plus vat

Hatton Display by Blitz Fireworks

The Hatton display package offers excellent value for money.

This display has been carefully choreographed and uses a wide variety of material which is fired from two locations.

Pyrotechnic material in the Hatton display consists of Fan cakes, Roman candles, strobes and barrage candles.

As with all Blitz displays the bride & groom will push the button to start their display as we bring a touch of class to your special day.

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The Ranulph Display – £1,395 plus vat

The Ranulph Display

The Ranulph is one of our most popular displays which consists of a wide variety of category four professional pyrotechnic material.

This display fires from three locations digitally from our world renowned Fire By Wire firing system ensuring perfect symetry and timing to every display.

Our professional podium provides the start to this wonderful display and stands ready for the bride and groom’s participation.

The Sheridan Display – £1,695 plus vat

Willow Video Productions

The Sheridan display is a great way to end your evening or occasion, with this display your guests will be left in no doubt that you mean to entertain.

The show uses professional category four material throughout and amazes your guests with mines, cakes, fountains, candles to create an intense and colourful display.

This is our most popular display and being fired from three locations gives beautiful coverage as we paint the night sky canvas with stunning colours to finish with a rapturous finale.

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The Tower Display – £2,195 plus vat

The Tower Display

The Tower display is inspiring as we endeavour to leave your guests spellbound.

Watch and marvel at the sheer spectacle of what is produced. This show uses professional category four material throughout with a variety of effects.

The material for this show is sourced from Spain, Italy and China and ensures that the quality of this show is of the very highest standard.

The Tower Display is choreographed with all out entertainment in mind with a finale of epic proportions. Your guests will be talking about this for a long time afterwards.

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The Royal Display – £2,595 plus vat

The Royal Display

WOW is the first word that enters your mind with the Royal display. Befitting of its name it is a beautiful display with a show that is choreographed to begin gently and progressing to stunning crescendos.

This display is fired from five locations with wonderful effects, like lattice work, Time Rain and Bombette Cakes throughout the duration of the display. This show is fired electronically from a laptop computer to achieve perfect synchronization of the five firing locations.

All of this and a mouth watering finale make this a must have ending for your day.

The Bentayga Pyromusical Display – £3,295 plus vat
The Bentayga Pyromusical Display
The Bentayga Pyromusical Display @ Crewe Hall

The exciting Bentayga display is a stunning spectacle of light and sound, watch as Blitz astounds you with an expertly choreographed display of pyrotechnics in synch with your chosen musical score.

This display will wow your guests and family alike as we showcase the power of light and sound in harmony.

The Bentayga display is where we begin our journey in to fireworks to music rather than with music as we gently pick out certain moments in the music for light punctuation.

This display has a duration of approximately five minutes and it is magnetic viewing to say the least as each change of angle and change of effects interpret the chosen music to leave your guests spell bound at its beauty.

The Mulsanne Pyromusical Display – prices start from £3,795 plus vat

The Mulsanne Pyromusical Display

The Mulsanne displays are the pinnacle of luxury pyromusicals choreographed to competition standard where the fireworks are timed within milliseconds to the beat of the music.

There is no finer display possible than the Mulsanne series of displays.

Custom building our Mulsanne displays to any song of your choice is what we do best. There is no limit to the song choice and every song is precisely interpreted in both intensity and sensitivity with the finest material available.

As each custom pyromusical display will vary in duration and quantity of fireworks please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Comparisons to Disney are not unwarranted with this display.

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Displays @ Crewe Hall

Blitz Fireworks are a professional established company within the UK Firework industry.

We provide over 200 wedding displays annually across the country and carefully select the pyrotechnic material.

That we use so that we are able to offer bespoke displays specifically targeting the needs of the Bride & Groom on the biggest day of their lives.

The dedicated team at Blitz work full time preparing breathtaking displays for our clients whether that be a quick three minute high intensity display or a prestigious pyromusical.

We are small enough to care and big enough to cope.

Our dedication to the design and choreography of firework displays has won Blitz 1st place at 7 competitions throughout the UK since 2011.

Blitz Fireworks were crowned British Firework Champions in 2014 at Plymouth and most recently the 2018 Firework Champions at Newby Hall in Yorkshire.

Please note Blitz Fireworks Ltd reserve the right to make changes and amendments to the material in your display which may or may not affect the duration.

On extremely rare occasions this can be due to adverse weather conditions and not necessarily due to material availability, whilst this occurrence is extremely rare it can sometimes occur.

Unfortunately as Crewe Hall and its grounds are so unique some musical tracks that a client may wish to use might not be suitable for the grounds or the pyrotechnic material available to interpret their music choice.

On these rare occasions we will work with the client to agree a suitable alternative song choice.

Whilst this can be a little restrictive with regards to the choreographer’s creative flair it is essential that we take the venues interests in to consideration.

As well as those of their neighbours and the environment along with all safety aspects.

Please note: A minimum show value will be applied during our peak seasons. E.g Bonfire season, Halloween, Christmas and New Year.

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