Bespoke Displays

 Displays Choreographed Personally Just For You by MyweddingFireworks

Award winning Wedding fireworks in Cheshire and beyond

Bespoke displays, Many times throughout the year Myweddingfireworks are tasked with creating a display that is personal to the client.

Whether it is duration, an increased level of intensity or a song that really has meaning for the happy couple.

Then look no further you have come to the UK’s premier firework display company.

Our specialty is creating jaw dropping displays that leave your guests under no illusion that they are being entertained with the creme de la creme of pyrotechnics.

We can choreograph virtually any song choice but obviously some work better than others and we are happy to advise and discuss this at length to ensure that we get it right for you.

We are a multi award winning pyrotechnic display company having won many competitions across the UK.

Blitz have produce many sound sensitive displays across the UK where we choreograph your display with all the loud bangs removed.

To ensure no complaints from neighbours at your chosen venue.

Sound sensitive displays whilst having the loud noise removed do not lack excitement.

The impact or the WOW factor they are simply different in a world where it is ok to be different.

A Special End to your Special Day……

Fireworks can be co-ordinated and choreographed to match your own requirements.

We offer several different options, all of which will amaze your guests and provide truly memorable entertainment.

Our website is a guide to take you through the different options we have available in our range of wedding fireworks display packages.

 We hope you find it helpful and our friendly staff are ready on phone or email to be of assistance any day of the week.

a couple enjoining a fireworks display

MyWeddingFireworks by Blitz

Wedding Fireworks in Cheshire and beyond