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Popular Wedding Fireworks Displays

If you are not using one of the listed locations for your wedding, don’t worry. Blitz Fireworks are able to put on a spectacular display at your location, subject to a site visit & inspection.

Wedding Fireworks Peckforton Castle
Wedding Firework Display @ Peckforton Castle

Our displays start at just £995 plus vat for displays like the Hatton Display @ Crewe Hall or the Boutique Display @Inglewood Manor. These offer exceptional value for money. If you want to get involved in customising your own display, co-ordinating the colours and choreography why not upgrade to something more like the Bentayga Pyromusical Display @ Crewe Hall. These offer approximately 5 minutes of magnetic viewing as the effects interpret the chosen music to leave your guests spellbound.

If it’s all-out Disney-style entertainment you’re after consider our Mulsanne Pyromusical Display @ Crewe Hall. There is no finer display possible than the Mulsanne series of displays. Each custom pyromusical display varies in duration and style so it’s the ultimate in customisation just for you.

The Blitz Fireworks Group

There’s no better way to celebrate the end of your perfect day than to light up the sky with an elegant musical fireworks display.

Inglewood Manor Wedding Fireworks
Wedding Fireworks @ Inglewood Manor

My Wedding Fireworks which is part of the Blitz fireworks group and is based in Cheshire, has been providing professional wedding firework displays throughout the UK for over 20 years.

Our dedicated team of pyrotechnic specialists will ensure a hassle free extravagant end to your wedding day.

We will work with you to create a bespoke display that is perfectly suited to you and your event. Look for the subtle thrill from our special effects or a breathtaking professional fireworks show choreographed to music.

We have a large team of professional pyrotechnicians which gives us the flexibility to offer fireworks displays from just £995+ vat all the way up to breathtaking New Years Eve style displays that grace the worlds most illustrious capitol cities.

So whatever your dreams are, Blitz Fireworks can help you to achieve it  and provide an end to your evening which is completely unrivaled.