Inglewood Manor Wedding Fireworks

Inglewood Manor

Inglewood Manor Wedding Fireworks
Wedding Fireworks @ Inglewood Manor

Inglewood is a house to the north-west of the village of Ledsham, Cheshire, England. It was built in 1909, but is dated 1915.

The house was built for F. H. Fox, a Liverpool millionaire who made his fortune in marine insurance. The house later became a training centre.

What displays can I have at Inglewood Manor?

As of 2011 it had a change of use and became a hotel called Inglewood Manor Hotel. The house is mainly half-timbered, with stone dressings, and brick chimneys decorated with diapering. It is roofed with Lakeland slate. Its architectural style is late Arts and Crafts. The house has a rectangular plan, with three fronts in two and three storeys.

The entrance is on the east front, which has eight bays; the south and west fronts each have five bays. On the south side is a balcony overlooking the gardens.

The house is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade II listed building. Also listed Grade II are the south and west terrace walls of the garden as well as the east terrace walls and a pergola.

This Hotel is hosted in a Grade II-listed country house and features individually-designed rooms rich in oak panelling and infused with historic character.

The Hotel is nestled amidst peaceful countryside and is surrounded with 38 acres of private grounds and is a stunning location for all celebrations.

Inglewood Manor Wedding Firework Display
Wedding Firework Display @ Inglewood Manor

The Boutique Hotels Group has only recently opened up Inglewood Manor to firework displays and Blitz are honoured and excited to be providing at this breathtaking venue.

38 acres of luscious landscaped beautiful gardens provides for an absolute pyrotechnic theatre for us as we get to shed the creative shackles and do what we do best.

Blitz is a multi-award winning pyrotechnic display company and has been placed 1st in competition at Firework Champions every year since 2013.

It is rare to come across a venue that has the grounds to allow us to create stunning displays without any real restriction but Inglewood Manor does just that.

Forward thinking and a modern approach to owning a hotel of this calibre is extremely rare these days. This is a family owned hotel and it shows as they provide the very best in service to their guests by allowing companies like Blitz to provide explosive exciting entertainment.

The Blitz team look forward to welcoming you to your outdoor entertainment as we stand ready at the podium waiting for you to push the button to start your own display.


Blitz Fireworks are a professional established company within the UK Firework industry. We provide over 200 wedding displays annually across the country and carefully select the pyrotechnic material that we use so that we are able to offer bespoke displays specifically targeting the needs of the Bride & Groom on the biggest day of their lives.

The dedicated team at Blitz work full time preparing breathtaking displays for our clients whether that be a quick three minute high intensity display or a prestigious pyromusical, we are small enough to care and big enough to cope.

Our dedication to the design and choreography of firework displays has won Blitz 1st place at 7 competitions throughout the UK since 2011. Blitz Fireworks were crowned British Firework Champions in 2014 at Plymouth and most recently the 2018 Firework Champions at Newby Hall in Yorkshire.

Please note Blitz Fireworks Ltd reserve the right to make changes and amendments to the material in your display which may or may not affect the duration.

On extremely rare occasions this can be due to adverse weather conditions and not necessarily due to material availability, whilst this occurrence is extremely rare it can sometimes occur.

Unfortunately as Inglewood Manor and its grounds are so unique some musical tracks that a client may wish to use might not be suitable for the grounds or the pyrotechnic material available to interpret their music choice.

On these rare occasions we will work with the client to agree a suitable alternative song choice.

Whilst this can be a little restrictive with regards to the choreographer’s creative flair it is essential that we take the venues interests in to consideration as well as those of their neighbours and the environment along with all safety aspects.

Please note: A minimum show value will be applied during our peak seasons. E.g. Bonfire season, Halloween, Christmas and New Year.