Dorfold Hall

Dorfold Hall
Dorfold Hall, Nantwich, Cheshire

Dorfold Hall is a grade 1 listed Jacobean house built between 1616-1621. Built for King James 1 to visit, the historic estate has a magical and seductive quality to it.

Set in an oasis of rural calm next to the town of Nantwich. In 1603, the estate was bought from the Earls of Derby by Sir Roger Wilbraham, a member of a prominent Cheshire family, and a distinguished lawyer.

The Dorfold estate has been in the same family since.

What displays can I have at Dorfold Hall?

In 1862, Wilbraham Tollemache, under the guidance of renowned landscape gardener William Nesfield, reduced the size of the lake and created a straight driveway from the main road to the house. Previously it draped itself around the front of the house, and the driveway to the house was further East towards Nantwich.

Additionally he built the Lodge by the road, and the low balustrade wall at the entrance of the courtyard. He also purchased the Pierre Louis Rouillard cast-iron statue of the Wolfhound and her three pups, which stands in the centre of the courtyard.

During the second world war thirty-two evacuee children from Liverpool found shelter at Dorfold. Amercian and Canadian troops also camped in the grounds and the house was used as an officer’s mess.

HOME! At Blitz that is what we affectionately call Dorfold Hall.

Dorfold Hall Firework Display
Dorfold Hall Wedding Firework Display

Dorfold Hall is home to the Nantwich Spooktacular which is the biggest pyrotechnic display outside London NYE and this annual event is attended by a crowd in excess of 10,000 people. Blitz have provided the Nantwich Spooktacular display since its inception in 2009, as our landlords the owners of Dorfold Hall are an imaginative and forward thinking establishment who continue to support Blitz in their endeavours to entertain the public with the very best in evening entertainment and we were extremely proud to have been chosen to supply pyrotechnic displays for the clients that book their exclusive wedding at this outstanding stately home.

We have produced displays for wedding clients at this historic home since it began to host them in 2016. At Blitz we are always thinking of new ways to deliver outstanding displays and with the added beauty of the lake at Dorfold Hall and its reflective accents each and every display has a certain je ne sais quoi and panache about it which make this such a breathtaking setting for a pyromusical.

Music is essential in all the Dorfold Hall displays and we only use high calibre outdoor PA systems to deliver crystal clear sound. The Blitz team look forward to welcoming you to your outdoor entertainment as we stand ready at the podium waiting for you to push the button to start your own wedding firework display.


Blitz Fireworks are a professional established company within the UK Firework industry. We provide over 200 wedding displays annually across the country and carefully select the pyrotechnic material that we use so that we are able to offer bespoke displays specifically targeting the needs of the Bride & Groom on the biggest day of their lives.

The dedicated team at Blitz work full time preparing breathtaking displays for our clients whether that be a quick three minute high intensity display or a prestigious pyromusical, we are small enough to care and big enough to cope.

Our dedication to the design and choreography of firework displays has won Blitz 1st place at 7 competitions throughout the UK since 2011. Blitz Fireworks were crowned British Firework Champions in 2014 at Plymouth and most recently the 2018 Firework Champions at Newby Hall in Yorkshire.

Please note Blitz Fireworks Ltd reserve the right to make changes and amendments to the material in your display which may or may not affect the duration.

On extremely rare occasions this can be due to adverse weather conditions and not necessarily due to material availability, whilst this occurrence is extremely rare it can sometimes occur.

Unfortunately as Dorfold Hall and its grounds are so unique some musical tracks that a client may wish to use might not be suitable for the grounds or the pyrotechnic material available to interpret their music choice, on these rare occasions we will work with the client to agree a suitable alternative song choice.

Whilst this can be a little restrictive with regards to the choreographer’s creative flair it is essential that we take the venues interests in to consideration as well as those of their neighbours and the environment along with all safety aspects.

Please note: A minimum show value will be applied during our peak seasons. E.g. Bonfire season.